‘Round these parts, the new year wouldn’t be complete without a bit of good, old-fashioned resolution making. Around this time last year, my big goal for 2010 was to minimize my waste stream by not ordering as much takeout food — a practice in NYC that’s as common as crossing the street — and cook more at home with a bit of assistance from 360 eco-friendly cookware.

During the summer, my focus veered from my kitchen to my laundry hamper as I took to my roof to line-dry my clothing instead of pumping the dryers full of quarters at my local laundromat. Seventh Generation assisted me in this logistically challenging effort. Looking back, I think I fared okay considering that avoiding takeout food and al fresco clothes drying are somewhat atypical activities in New York. But still, I could have done better.

In 2011, I plan on continuing with my resolutions from last year while also watching my household water use (timed showers, harvesting rainwater to water my houseplants, etc.) Since I'm a renter and don't pay for water, I'm not as vigilant about water conservation as I should be especially compared to how I monitor electricity usage.

What are your resolutions to help you live a lower-impact life around the house or in general this year? Tell me and the rest of the MNN community about them in a nifty, brand new MNN feature called Idea Lab. Here’s a bit about it:

What’s the best way to start change? We believe it’s from our own homes and our own hearts. If you’re one of our readers, then we know that you’ve got ideas — big ideas, little ideas, maybe even totally revolutionary ideas — and we want to hear them all. That's why we created the Idea Lab. So you can share the resolutions that matter to you and find out how others are putting their ideas to work. Together, we can start something little today …and perhaps have that goodness spread worldwide. 
So c’mon don’t be shy ... head on over to Idea Lab to check out what others have resolved to do in 2011 and join the conversation. 

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

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Have a couple of resolutions up your sleeve this year? Tell the MNN community about them in a new feature called Idea Lab.