Doodlers who get around by bicycle: Start doodling about your bike ride! Do-gooder website GOOD wants you to “pick a day and avoid using any kind of carbon-burning vehicles (cars, buses, mopeds, etc.), and then draw a doodle that illustrates your experiences.”

If you celebrated Weekend Without Oil last weekend, you can just get doodling about that green experience. Your doodling reward: A chance to win a GOOD T-shirt and free subscription to GOOD magazine.

To get you started, I’ve found a couple green travel-friendly doodles to inspire you:

>> Look ma … no gas! This T-shirt’s doodle design has cute, Dr. Seuss-esque whimsy — and can be yours for $20. Proceeds go to C.I.C.L.E., a pro-bicycling nonprofit in Los Angeles.

>> Bicycling Cop Dave: This online graphic novel has as its hero a cop on a bike, “patrolling the underside of gentrification."

>> Kenny Be’s guide to summer’s terrifying two-wheeled creatures. Judging by the comments, some cyclists take Kenny’s hilariously exaggerated caricatures of cyclists a bit too seriously; others are able to laugh at their own foibles.

>> The Boys and the Subway. This last one is not about bikes, but is about another more sustainable form of transportation — the New York Subway! “My sons Arthur, 5, and Gustav, 3, are obsessed with the New York City subway system,” reveals The New York Times’ Abstract City illustrator-blogger-storyteller Christoph Niemann — who goes on to illustrate his sons’ love for the subway system in a way that'll make you want to memorize your local subway map, too.

Spend a day bicycling and doodling
Spend a day on your bicycle -- without using any fossil-fueled form of transport -- then doodle about your experience.