iPhone users rejoice: Noshing on sustainable seafood has now become a mobile game, Foursquare-style.

That’s because the mobile version of Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch guide just got more interactive. Once a relatively simple app that told you which fish to enjoy and which to avoid for health and environmental reasons, Seafood Watch has now added a feature called Project FishMap.

Now, eco-pescatarians can add their favorite sustainable seafood restaurants to a map — and even earn badges for helping to crowdsource this green dining info.

If I owned an iPhone, I’d already have the Seafood Watch app. It is free, after all, and it gets updated as environmental conditions change. But as it is, my Blackberry and I have go about our eco-pescatarian ways with an old-school paper wallet card. And sadly, while an Android version is due to be released next year, no plans to create a Blackberry version exist. I have to content myself with watching how Project FishMap works via this YouTube video:

Sustainable seafood meets mobile gaming
Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch iPhone app has added Project FishMap. Now you can add green restaurants to a shared map to earn badges.