Over the last few years, I’ve written about No Impact Man Colin Beavan a lot. The New Yorker who decided to live as low eco-impact a life as possible in the city has inspired many all over the world. Not only did I follow his blog and review his book and film, I interviewed him while he was in L.A. I even wrote about the No Impact Project — the nonprofit that emerged out of the No Impact Man project — which offers No Impact Experiment, a free, week-long carbon diet offered a few times a year to anyone who wants to green up their lifestyle.

Now, I’m finally going to actually take the No Impact Challenge.

That’s one of my green New Year’s resolutions for the year. If you haven’t picked out a green resolution for 2011 yet, join me! The next No Impact Challenge — offered jointly by No Impact Project and YES! magazine — kicks off Monday, Jan. 2. Assuming we put in the effort that week, we can declare our green New Year’s resolution accomplished by Jan. 8!

I’ll be blogging my experience with the No Impact Challenge here all next week — and hope you’ll comment along. Sign up — and Happy New Year, everyone!

Take the No Impact Experiment
MNN's lifestyle blogger's signed up for a week-long carbon cleanse to kick off 2011. Will you join her?