If you’re like most MNNers, you do your best to avoid plastics in the kitchen — especially the microwave. In fact, you’ve probably worked to take the worst types of plastics — like vinyl or BPA-coated #7 plastics — out of your life. And while doing so, you probably noticed a sad fact: Plastics are really tough to avoid in normal, everyday living in America.

But while some enter a sort of plastic nihilism due to the difficulty of getting rid of the stuff, others spot a challenge. And at the health and wellness site Rodale, the challenge is called Plastic-Free February. All month, Rodale editors will be documenting their efforts to live plastic-free — along with eight other bloggers who’ve signed up for the challenge.

Interested in making your February plastic-free, too? The challenge may seem tough — but could be easier than it sounds. For one, February is the shortest month — so if you’re going to go plastic-free any month, now’s the time to do it. For another, the Rodale editors taking the challenge are rotating the plastic-free duties, each taking the helm for a week at a time. That means you could decide to go plastic-free for any one week — instead of committing to the full month.

And of course, the challenge will be made easier by the camaraderie of the green blogging group from whom you’ll get tips and mutual support. In fact, the most plastic-free person I know, Beth Terry of My Plastic-Free Life, will be advising the challenge-takers to help them reduce plastic consumption. Terry went through only about two pounds of plastic in all of 2010; watch her TedX video below to see how she did it.

Take the Plastic-Free February challenge
Rodale's editors and a group of green bloggers have pledged to cut plastic out of their lives for the shortest month of the year.