Curious how well you’d fare in a post-petroleum society? A quick quiz can help you figure that out — sort of. Take Yes! magazine's "How Resilient Are You?" to find out how self and community-sufficient you are.

The quiz gives you points for everything from taking care of your physical and mental health to investing in your local community to having skills that could come in handy should fossil fuels run out. Sadly, I only scored a 57 — which puts me in the middle range of "off to a good start." My score was a reminder that despite the fact that I go out of my way to shop locally and participate in my community, I'm extremely grid dependent for my energy and water needs!

Yes! provides some tips to improve your resiliency score at the bottom of the quiz — with heartwarming instructions that encourage you to invest in yourself and the community around you, whether with money, time, or even simple good will. How did you score?

Test your self-reliance in a post-petroleum world
Answer 20 questions to get your resiliency score -- and find out how self and community-sufficient you are.