Happy New Year, MNNers! If you read the top 10 stories of 2010, you know that the tragic Gulf oil spill topped the list. Will 2011′s big stories be brighter, greener news? Over the weekend, we asked MNN’s Facebook community to predict what you think (or hope) will be the top stories of 2011. Here are our top 10 favorites:

1. “In response to the worldwide water shortage, the method of oil mining called “fracking” is permanently stopped, and any other use of water where millions of gallons of water are PERMANENTLY contaminated for human or animal use are prohibited.” — Nancy Johnson

2. “Birth control slows speed of human population explosion” — Nicole Voss, who also hopes for the headlines ‎”Recycling made mandatory” and “Showing manners becomes trendy.”

3. “Return of Agrarian Societies Brings End To World Hunger, Obesity” — Christine Weiss, who also hopes “Tigers Return From the Brink Of Extinction.”

4. “Widespread humanitarian deeds in every corner of the world, by each individual in the world.” — Carol Whitlock

5. “Worldwide understanding that we are one people on one earth and may only have one chance to clean up our world. I am ever hopeful.” — Elizabeth Monticue

6. “Regular people deciding what kind of world they like living in” — Summer Craig, who also says “My wish is that the big oil corporations get toppled off their throne. And all the other Walmart type, bank type monopolies, etc.”

7. “Peace, clean food and intelligent politics” — Jill Creamer West

8. “More Americans employed” — Doris Cooley. I’d like to add “with new green jobs!”

9. “Los Angeles’ Subway to the Sea gets fully funded, expected to open in 2020” — Siel Ju. Yes, that’s me! Right now, the subway line is planned only to go to Westwood due to federal funding requirements. I hope we’re able to get the funding to let people ride rail all the way to the ocean.

10 Last but not least: ”More individuals/families making the move towards less everything — less stuff, less waste, less stress” — Mother Nature Network

What do you predict — or hope — will be the top stories in 2011?

The 10 top environmental stories we hope to see in 2011
MNN's community shares its green hopes and dreams for the new year. What do you predict or hope will be the top news stories for 2011?