My solution for reducing food waste is simple: Stir-fry. Seriously. Chopping up all your leftovers and stir-frying them in your favorite sauce can be a tasty way of reducing almost all food waste!

More serious foodies are more creative with their food waste reduction tips. Salon’s food writer Francis Lam is one of those foodies, and this week, he shared six tasty ways to stop wasting food. My favorite of these tips is the Hippe Hash. Why? Well, it’s really a lot like my stir-fry tip. The main part of making Hippe Hash seems to be chopping up all the leftovers and throwing them in a pan — just with butter and oil instead of stir fry sauce.

I also liked his easy-peasy tip for preserving herbs. “Thyme, rosemary, oregano, marjoram, sage, etc., you can dry simply by putting them, whole on the stem, in an uncovered glass in your fridge for a while, until they seem prickly and brittle,” Francis writes. Simple enough!

Many people seem to think of holiday food waste as somewhat inevitable, but why waste all the great green points you’ve earned over the year by getting wasteful so close to the end? In Europe and North America, we throw away around half of our food, and wasted food adds up to about 2 percent of annual energy consumption in the U.S., according to a study published earlier this year. Don’t rely on the freegans to dive for all your food waste; share your best food waste reducing tips in the comments.

Tips for reducing food waste
How do you plan to reduce food waste this holiday season? MNN's lifestyle blogger recommends enjoying a good stirfry whenever the fridge gets full.