Last year, we got Food, Inc. So it’s only fitting that this year, we get a documentary that shows us where the detritus of our fast food culture ends up. On Wed., Sep. 29, CNBC will premier “Trash Inc.: The Secret Life of Garbage,” a new documentary that looks at the stuff we throw out — and the business interests that profits from our garbage.

Most MNN readers know that when we throw garbage away, the stuff doesn’t really go “away.” The luckiest of the trash gets composted or recycled, but the majority of it still goes into landfills, oceans, or other countries where they wreak environmental disasters. “Trash Inc” promises to give us a close look at this process, taking us through the journey of trash from when it gets picked up to when it arrives to the “away” we’ve sent the stuff to. Expect something like “The Majestic Plastic Bag,” except in grander scale — the documentary follows trash created everywhere from New York to Hawaii to China — and with less irony.

Plus, the documentary will let you take a look at who profits from our waste. Apparently, the garbage business is estimated to rake in $52 billion dollars a year. And on a slightly more sanguine note, “Trash Inc” will also look at how landfills are being used to create energy — helping to refuel the consumer culture that’s created all this waste.

Watch the preview of the film above, then tune in to CNBC on Wed., Sep. 29 at 9pm ET/PT.
'Trash Inc': Who profits from your garbage?
A new CNBC documentary follows the secret life of garbage -- from your trash can to the garbage trucks to the landfills -- and our oceans.