Sweltering summer weather can force even the greenest of environmentalists off their usual eco-routines. If you think of yourself as a locavore who loves to bike to the farmers’ market — but found yourself driving to Walmart with your AC on full blast during the last heat wave — here’s your chance to do your green penance, sort of. Sign up for Sierra Club’s No Impact Week!

Don’t worry, you won’t have to throw out your air conditioner — though you might find out how to save on your electric bill by using it a lot less. According to Sierra Club, “It’s not about giving up creature comforts but an opportunity for you to test whether the modern “conveniences” you take for granted are actually making you happier or just eating away at your time and money.”

No Impact Week challenges aren’t new. Started by No Impact Project — the environmental nonprofit that grew out of the No Impact Man blog-book-film project of Colin Beavan, the now eco-famous New Yorker who went without everything from elevators to toilet paper for a year — these week-long carbon diets have been offered every few months to willing, would-be-green participants interested in living greener, happier, lives. This latest challenge, however, is the first time No Impact Project’s joined forces with the Sierra Club.

Find out what you can discover in a week, during which you’ll get a daily challenge to discover if living lightly brings you joy. The week begins Sunday, August 29, so sign up now.

Try a week-long summer carbon cleanse
Sign up for No Impact Week -- a challenge that will help you figure out what aspects of green living make for happier living too.