5408572084 09977f12b6 m Book review: Worlds Best Origami or green headlines told via junk mailStill have too much junk mail — despite your best efforts to reduce the unwanted paper? I’d managed to get the paper waste down to a trickle at my old apartment, but have had to start the de-junking process all over again when I moved. Luckily, I was able to make the long, frustrating process a little more fun — by taking a zen approach to the whole issue: When life gives you junk mail, fold origami!

That’s what I did, with a little help from “World’s Best Origami.” This book by Nick Robinson has more than 100 origami folding instructions — from animals to people to flowers to geometric and modular shapes to practical items like a disposable cup or party hat!

Thus, here are some recent environmental headlines — illustrated with junk mail:

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Taiwan’s EPA found that potty-trained pigs can cut water waste by 80 percent, reports Treehugger.

origami owls

The timber industry’s fighting a plan to save the northern spotted owl from extinction, according to the AP.

origami penguins

Flipper bands can harm the king penguin population, reports NPR.

origami elephant

A photographer for Wildlife Conservation Society captured rare footage of a Cambodian elephant in the wild.

Want to give your junk mail a second life as origami animals? “World’s Best Origami” is available in paperback for $19.95.

Turn junk mail into tiny toys
MNN's lifestyle blogger discovers folding origami can be a calming exercise that lets her put unwanted junk mail to creative use.