While some parents will figuratively move mountains to give their children access to a quality education, one Indian father just decided to literally cut through them.

For the last two years, Jalandhar Nayak has spent nearly every day cutting an 8-foot wide road through the mountainous hillocks dividing his isolated village from a nearby town. His goal? To give his three boys a safe and easy way to cross the wild, rocky expanse and attend school.

"My children find it difficult to walk on the narrow and stony path while going to their school," Nayak explained. "Often I saw them stumbling against the stones and I decided to carve a road through the mountain so that they can walk freely."

Using only a hammer, a digging bar and a chisel, he managed to create a road spanning nearly five miles before word of his accomplishment reached local officials. Inspired by his determination to give his sons an education, a privilege he never enjoyed himself, the district administration decided to not only pay him for the hours he had spent caving the new road, but also help to him finish the remaining four miles.

"The district collector has assured me [he will] complete the construction of the road to my village," Nayak told a local news station.

According to one reporter, Nayak's road is so well constructed, even cars could use it. "I was impressed to find that he took great care to ensure that not a single tree was cut while building the road," Sibashakti Biswal added to the BBC.

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Unstoppable dad cuts road across mountains to send kids to school
Working eight hours a day for two years, Jalandhar Nayak cut nearly five miles of road through the mountainous terrain of eastern India.