Have Halloween candy left over? If you don’t have the time to take it to a dentist near you, here are some recipes to help you turn cold, store-bought Halloween candy into warm home-baked desserts. No matter what versions of the popular candy and chocolate brands you bought, you should be able to adapt these recipes as needed.

Leftover Halloween candy blondies. In Just a Taste, Kelly Senyei's recipe "stars a soft and chewy cookie-like base studded with a holiday’s worth of surplus sweets." You’ll need 1 cup coarsely chopped Halloween chocolate candy. Kelly stuck to chocolate treats and chocolate bars, so it looks like bits 'o left over chocolate may work better than bits 'o candy corn for these blondies.

Candy corn and pretzel bark. Now that you’ve gotten rid of the chocolates, it’s time to deal with the candy corn. Melted white chocolate holds together this sweet-and-salty concoction. Health bonus: Dried cranberries add a bit of vitamin C and antioxidants to the recipe — though this treat can’t exactly be called a healthy snack!

Leftover Halloween Candy Pie. For the lazy recycler, this recipe is unbeatable — because it basically consists of throwing all the leftover candy into a pie crust and baking. "It’s not for the faint of heart ... But in an admittedly guilty pleasure sort of way, this pie is actually pretty tasty,: writes recipe author Jessie Oleson in Serious Eats. Enjoy responsibly.

Upcycle Halloween candy into baked treats
Sick of leftover Halloween candy corn and mini chocolate bars? Turn them into warm baked treats to enjoy in November.