Have you ever regretted buying organic?

Let me explain. Last week, I had a cookie emergency (I know, I know) and ran over to my closest grocery store — Pavilions — for a fix. Now, Whole Foods it is not, but Pavilions has in recent years expanded its organic options — and even the cookie aisle offered up a few organic choices.

So I got what looked like the best pick at the time — Country Choice Organic Soft Baked Oatmeal Raisin Cookies. Unfortunately, these cardboard-like slabs barely qualified as cookies.

Perhaps part of the downfall of these cookies may be that Country Choice Organic tried to keep the nutritional profile looking relatively healthy. Each cookie has just 100 calories and 9 grams of sugar. That said, I didn’t really crave more sugar when I bit into these cookies. The bigger problem was that what these cookies lacked in sweetness, they made up with an extra dry staleness so extreme that I thought the cookies had passed their expiration date (they hadn’t). Nowhere in these cookies is the soft chewiness promised on the package!

Country Choice Organic Soft Baked Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Even worse, while these cookies are organic certified, they are not packaged very greenly! The box is made out of recycled materials, but in my hurry, I missed the little print on the package noting that all eight cookies in this box were individually wrapped — with nonrecyclable mateials, of course! The purpose of this wasteful packaging is incomprehensible to me, because the extra wrappers certainly didn’t keep the cookies from getting dry and stale.

Of course, pretty much all the cookies — most very much not organic — on the Pavilions cookies aisle were very overpackaged. And I’m guessing few of the preservative-filled, high fructose corn syrup laden conventional cookies for sale would have satisfied my sweet tooth any better than the Country Choice Organic cookies. In many ways, my experience points to the fact that pre-packaged "convenience" foods often just don't satisfy like real foods and are less environmentally friendly to boot. I'll be baking my own own organic cookies more often.

Still, I have to say these organic cookies were really disappointing. I hope no newbie environmentalist buys them, as the tasteless discs give organic food a bad name. Have you had a similar experience with another organic product? Share in the comments, so we all know to avoid them in the future.

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