Are you a newbie environmentalist unsure how to start living green? Fellow environmentalists want to help you take that first eco-step — while having fun. Try these steps this Earth Month:

>> Your Daily Thread wants you to join its FREE Going Green Boot Camp — to get you from an eco-zero to an eco-hero by Earth Day. Sign up, and starting today, you’ll get a green action tip via e-mail every weekday until the end of April.

>> Sierra Club wants to send you on a Hawaiin vacation — two round-trip tickets to Hawaii, with a five-night stay in the eco-luxe Mauna Lani hotel! All you have to do is make a green pledge for Earth Day.

>> Win Johano’s Sweetheart Dress and stay eco-fashionable this spring. Just leave a comment on Ecosalon's post for a stylish chance to win.

>> This one will save you lots and lots of money: Embrace your inner GINK! (green inclinations, no kids) Lisa Hymas at Grist gives a shout out to all child-free and proud environmentalists:

Making the green choice too often feels like a sacrifice or a hassle or an expense. In this case, it feels like a luxurious indulgence that just so happens to cost a lot less for me and weigh a lot less on the carbon-bloated atmosphere.
Win prizes, save money this Earth Month
Join an eco bootcamp, win an eco-luxe trip to Hawaii, and save money with your greener lifestyle.