Cassie Warren and Jesse Jones with invite A sweet note from a stranger made a big impression on a Cassie Warren and Jesse Jones. (Photo: Cassie Warren/Facebook)

Cassie Warren and Jesse Jones will always have a great story to tell their kids about the kindness of strangers and how one stranger in particular made their wedding planning that much sweeter.

It all started with a wrong address.

A few weeks ago, as Warren was addressing the wedding invitations for her upcoming nuptials with Jones, she mistakenly used an old address for her aunt and uncle in nearby Eugene, Oregon. But when a stranger received the misaddressed mail, she didn't just toss it in the garbage like many folks would have done. She took the time to return the invite, along with a sweet note and $20 as a wedding present.

Cassie Warren wedding invite This is the sweet note she sent back. (Photo: Cassie Warren/Facebook)

You can see the bulk of the note in the photo above, but the sender also wrote, "Live long and prosper," on the corner of the card — a "Star Trek" reference probably included because the young couple's wedding invite shows Jesse holding a light saber and T-shirt from "Star Wars" and Cassie wearing a shirt and holding a wand in a nod to the "Harry Potter" books.

Cassie Warren and Jesse Jones Cassie Warren and Jesse Jones' wedding announcement shows Jones (left) holding a light saber and Warren holding a Hogwarts wand. (Photo: Cassie Warren/Facebook)

The generous stranger also included $20, presumably as a little gift for the wedding. The young couple put the money to good use by going out to dinner with a friend who won't be able to attend the wedding because he'll be deployed before their big day.

Warren told her local news affiliate that she was initially confused by the returned wedding invite, "But after I saw the note, I was just surprised and blessed that she would do that for a stranger," Warren said. "Jesse was confused at first, too — [he wondered] why someone was sending us money, then I read the message to him, and he was shocked and grateful."

Warren and Jones still don't know the name of the kind stranger, but Warren sent a thank you note to the same address to let the sender know how much her generosity was appreciated. The young couple plan to marry in June and thanks to the kindness of a stranger, their marriage is already off to a sweet start.

Cassie Warren and Jesse Jones Cassie Warren and Jesse Jones will tie the knot this June. (Photo: Cassie Warren/Facebook)

Address mistake reveals a stranger's kindness
Cassie Warren and Jesse Jones misaddressed a wedding invitation, and that turned into a sweet surprise from a kindhearted stranger.