Would you trust Dow Chemical, best known by eco-activists for tainting the groundwater in Bhopal, India — and still not cleaning it up 25 years later — to undertake the “largest solutions-based initiative aimed at solving the global water crisis in history”?

Dow made a valiant effort to win that trust — not by actually cleaning up Bhopal, but by putting its name and money behind the Dow Live Earth Run for Water, an outdoorsy entertainment-filled series of events that happened across the country yesterday.

Of course, this ironic move on Dow’s part mobilized eco-activists. Many staged a straight-up protest at the events, letting people know about Dow’s chemical spills and subsequent evasions of responsibility. But The Yes Men — eco-pranksters who’ve not only impersonated a Dow Chemical spokesperson on BBC but also created “B’eau-Pal water to “help” Dow profit from its eco-sins — decided this time to aid Dow in improving its image with a small horde of public relations reps!

Watch the video below to see how “Dow representatives” came to the chemical giant’s defense — by pointing out that mother nature can be trusted to clean up Dow’s mess “over millennia,” by “absolutely” agreeing with a journalist who asked if Dow made mistakes during the Vietnam war, and by chanting a Dow rallying cry en masse: “What do we want? Profits! When do we want them? Now!”

I actually have friends who participated in Dow’s runs, but am personally disturbed that an eco-motivated group like Live Earth would team up on a clean water issue with a company best known for tainting water — especially when many activist groups have continuing and current campaigns to get Dow to clean up its messes. I think green groups need to work together — and that big corporations need to be first pushed to spend its money actually correcting its mistakes before “altruistically” donating a much smaller sum to greenwash over it.

Other environmentalists clearly feel the same way — and in fact managed to get some of these Dow-happy events canceled in some spots around the world. Find out more about the protest activities at these Dow races at The Yes Men’s website.

Yes Men 'help' Dow improve its eco-image
Dow tries to greenwash its image by sponsoring a clean water event. The Yes Men "help" people swallow Dow's chemical appeal.