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10 green retro activities making a comeback

By: Sidney Stevens on Sept. 11, 2012, 6:04 p.m.
milk bottles on doorstep

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Milk delivery

Once upon a time, the milkman delivered door-to-door, bringing fresh-from-the-cow dairy goodness to families everywhere. The rise of supermarkets and the rush of modern life put an end to that — until now, that is. It seems that old-fashioned milk delivery is making a comeback in communities across America. Some dairies are even offering a new green twist. Oberweis Dairy in North Aurora, Ill., for instance, delivers milk, cream, butter and ice cream from cows raised without artificial growth hormones. Texas Daily Harvest, a farm near Sulphur Springs, Texas, delivers fresh organic dairy products and other produce to homes and businesses in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.