CSX trains carry goods of all kinds that we need in order to carry out our daily tasks. Whether it's essentials like food or fun things like electronics and toys, we all rely on items being shipped across the country to our local communities. And because trains use much less fuel on their journeys than trucks, with the power to move one ton of freight nearly 500 miles on a single gallon of gas, they can help save a lot of resources.

From the groceries on supermarket shelves to the vehicles at the car dealership, goods often have to travel great distances to reach their final destination. But did you know that choosing to send those same items by train instead of by truck over similar routes can reduce carbon emissions by thousands of tons? A new interactive carbon calculator by CSX will help you learn just how much of a difference rail shipping can make to the environment.

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A Tale of Three Journeys: Calculate the CO2 savings when goods travel by train
A lot of CO2 can be saved when shipping by rail. Find out just how much with the new Carbon Calculator from CSX.