What’s the best way to start change? We believe it’s from our own homes and our own hearts. If you’re one of our readers, then we know you’ve got ideas — big ideas, little ideas, maybe even totally revolutionary ideas — and we want to hear them all. That's why we created Idea Lab. So you can share the resolutions that matter to you and find out how others are putting their ideas to work. Together, we can start something little today … and perhaps have that goodness spread worldwide. 

Who’s behind the Idea Lab?

The folks at Mother Nature Network. We’re an Earth-friendly site that has been publishing content related to a healthier family, a cleaner planet, sustainability and a love of nature since 2008.

What can I do here at the Idea Lab?

Any visitor can look at the ideas that have been posted and read comments about those ideas. You can also submit your own ideas and share and comment on ideas submitted by other people.

What happens to my idea after I submit it?

The crackerjack team here at Mother Nature takes a look at each idea before it goes live — just to make sure that the thought is on-target and appropriate for our audience. Once your idea is approved, we’ll send you an email that gives you the URL of your published idea. You can send that link out to your friends and family.

How are the 'popular' ideas chosen?

By you. The more people see and share individual ideas, the more those ideas rise to the top of the screens here. If you believe your idea is a great one, let everyone know. You also have the option to share each idea on your Facebook and Twitter pages. That’s a great way to get your friends to view your idea and increase its popularity!

If my idea changes the world, will I get credit?

Sure. Just be sure to display a name with your resolution that is accurate and descriptive.

Anything else I need to know?

We were just getting ready to ask you that! If you have any suggestions on making Idea Lab more valuable, entertaining and thoughtful, we’d like to hear from you. You can email us directly at Contact@MNN.com