Hi friends of Mother Nature.

If you've landed here, you've likely been part of our program that awards points for actions taken here on the site. There are big changes coming in 2014, and we want to let you know about them. We've been launching new products, from MNN Quizzes to our new Photo Blog. At the same time, our community has been growing here at the Nest and also over on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. While we grow these new services, we're pausing our points program to come up with a stronger, all-encompassing participation plan. Of course, we still want to promote the good work of nonprofits and causes, and we definitely want your feedback on what you'd like to see next at Mother Nature.

Leave your ideas below or drop us a line at Contact@MNN.com

Thanks for your input!

Birds of a feather flock together at MNN
We're growing, and we'd love to hear your feedback on how to become even better.