Thanks for telling your story here at the Mother Nature Network. Here's help in setting up your blog. 


How do I create a blog post?


  1. After you log in to Mother Nature Network, click on the “Your Name” link on the upper right-hand side of the page.
  2. Click the “Start a Blog” button just under your profile drop-down. A page will load that looks like this:


  1. Give it a title, write your text, and hit the “save” button under the post. If you'd like to preview it before you post, use the “preview” button, then “save”. Here's what you'll see next:



That was easy, but it's just text. What if I want pictures or links to other places?


Here are some ways to make your posts more interesting:



  1. To insert a YouTube or other permitted embedded video, first click the “switch to plain text editor at the bottom of the edit page. Copy the embed code from the video, and paste it into the plain text editor.  Before copying the video embed code, be sure the width is not larger than 530 pixels. For this video, I chose the 480 pixel size.



  1.   Switch back to the rich text editor. Your post will look like this:


  1. Click "Save", and your video should now be in your post




Flickr: Flickr provides the code to include an image from their site in a blog post. From the Flickr image, click "All Sizes", then click "Medium".


Copy the code, then go to your blog post on, switch to the plain text editor and paste it in
Switch back to the rich text editor, and the image is visible.

If you are uploading an image from your computer (that you have the right to publish on our site), follow these directions:

  1. Click the image icon on the toolbar
  2. Click "Browse Server" button next to URL box
  3. A new page will appear that looks a bit like a file explorer window. Click on the "Upload" link at the very top.
  4. Select your image file, and click the "create thumbnails" box
  5. Click on the image name and then click "Send to FCKEditor" at the top of the page
  6. You will be returned to the original "Insert Image" box, where you can choose to align the image, or simply click "OK"
  7. Here's what your post looks like in the editor


 Here's what your post looks like on the site!


Frequently Asked Questions
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