Few people enjoy a good stroll quite like 95-year-old Harvey Djerf.

He’s been seen walking the same route in a Plymouth, Minnesota, neighborhood as long as anyone can remember.

“I’ve always liked to walk,” the World War II veteran tells local station KARE11. “I feel better if I walk.”

So too, it seemed, did the people who gazed out their windows to find Djerf on one of his twice-daily saunters.

Then one day, someone put out a chair for him.

“People saw me stopping and catching my breath,” he tells KARE11. “They figured that Harvey maybe needs a place to rest.”

And they were right. Djerf sunk right into that chair, keen to take a break.

Harvey Djerf, military veteran, sits in a chair Residents of this Minnesota neighborhood consider it an honor to put out out a chair for the veteran. (Photo: Snapshot from YouTube video/KARE 11)

But that kindness proved contagious. One day, another resident put out a chair. And then, another. Today, the neighborhood is speckled with chairs. Harvey chairs.

“I'll just peek out the window, ‘Harvey’s in the chair!’” a proud Ann Kleiner, whose family put out a chair near the end of the driveway, tells the news station.

The do-good domino effect doesn’t end there. In winter, the station reports, residents shovel a path to the chairs. And sometimes, when the weather’s a little warmer, people will bring him a fresh-cooked meal.

And for his part, Harvey — whose wife is recovering from a stroke in a nursing home — appreciates the comfort of the chairs. And the sense of community behind every one of them.

“It’s lonesome being alone,” he says.

Watch the full video of this neighborhood’s infectious kindness below:

This WWII vet loves to walk, but he can't go far
Residents noticed 95-year-old Harvey Djerf struggling on his daily walks, so they came up with a kind solution.