Each day the online community reports on countless social justice issues around the world. From climate change and gun violence to natural disasters and LGBT rights, readers click on a story, learn about an issue and often feel compelled to help. However, without any guidance on how to make a difference, many close the tab and move on with their day.

Ideal Impact, a new Web-based app, sees that as a lost opportunity. The app is designed to connect news stories with actionable ways to help make a difference in the real world. Let’s say, for example, you recently read our article, “The heartbreaking world of captive exotic birds” and felt moved by the stories of the often sad lives those birds are forced to live. Once installed on your phone or browser, Ideal Impact would show you opportunities to volunteer, donate or get involved to help captive exotic birds. The app takes that moment of compassion, and enables the reader to immediately do something with it.

Founder, Olivier Kamanda, a former speechwriter and senior advisor to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, explains in the company’s video, “What happens when you come across a story that makes you want to get involved, that prompts that fundamental question, ‘How can I help?’ Unfortunately there is no platform that takes you from that moment of inspiration to a meaningful service opportunity. So every year 90 million people are inspired to get involved to do something with their time and they don’t know how. And that comes at a cost of 207 billion dollars in lost volunteer time and donations that could have been made to nonprofits.”

“We are re-imagining civic engagement,” said Kamanda in an interview with the Smithsonian. “Our app bridges the gap between people who are inspired to make a difference and organizations that need support. As a result, we help lower the cost to non-profits of finding supporters and make it easier for people to contribute their time, talent and energy to their community.”

The app is starting to gain speed after raising nearly $20,000 in seed money during an Indiegogo campaign earlier this year. According to their timeline, this spring they are launching a beta test and this summer they are releasing the mobile app.

ideal impact app

Photo: Ideal Impact

Once the app is installed as a browser plugin on a desktop or mobile device, you can read the news as your normally would. And then, when you come across a story that inspires you to take action, you click on the Ideal Impact button that appears in the main menu of your browser. That will load the app and show you opportunities to get involved with nonprofits that are working to address the issue you just read about.

“So in less than three clicks, we’ve taken you from moment of inspiration to a meaningful opportunity,” says Kamando.

Watch the video below to learn more about Ideal Impact and visit the site to become a beta tester.

Have you ever read a story and wanted to help?
New app connects the news stories you read online with actionable ways to make a difference.