Enjoying a night out with friends is a familiar picture, but it's the part that happens right afterwards that is the focus of a new ad campaign from Miller Lite which takes a fresh look at responsibility.

According to a recent press release, Miller Lite doesn’t just want you to enjoy their beverage and, oh yeah, you might want to do so responsibly. They want you to be proactive in planning a safe end to a memorable night out with friends.

In the upcoming television spot, titled “Brad’s Plan”, a guy enjoying Miller Lite with his buddies decides to approach an attractive woman at the bar. He appears to have been successful in accosting the woman as you see the two of them in her car, leaving the bar. Then the camera angle widens to reveal that Brad has been joined by his two buddies and that the woman is actually driving them home.

It’s all part of their shrewd plan to get home safely at the end of the night.

“We want legal, drinking-age consumers around the country to enjoy the great taste of Miller Lite this summer, but we also want them all to get home safely at the end of the night,” said Kim Marotta, vice president of corporate social responsibility at MillerCoors. “Whether it’s lining up a designated driver, calling a cab or hopping on a bus, it’s important that you think ahead about how you’re going to ensure a safe end to the night for everyone. The new ad drives home this point in a memorable way.”

The ad debuted on June 23, during the U.S.-Algeria game on ESPN. After that, it team up with Miller Lite’s “Taste Greatness” campaign on general market broadcasts throughout the remainder of the World Cup.

Miller Lite will also have in-game advertising on ABC, ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPN3.com.

MillerCoors is actively engaged in promoting safe and responsible drinking. They partner with 1-800-TAXICAB, sponsor Miller Lite Free Rides on key holidays, and help foster their social responsibility through GreatBeerGreatResponsibility.com.

Look for the Miller Lite ad spot alongside the ever-soothing melody of the South African vuvuzelas throughout the rest of the World Cup.

Miller Lite to debut new TV ad during World Cup
Miller Lite doesn't just want you to 'drink responsibly', they want you to plan a safe end to a great night out ... and the company has a new TV ad to prove it.