What does it cost to make a wish come true?

For 5-year old Miles Scott, the tab came to $105,000, which was spent by the city of San Francisco to turn the City by the Bay into Gotham for a day. In an elaborately staged production created by the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the young leukemia survivor got to assume the role of teeny superhero, “Batkid,” battling crime throughout the hilly streets and zipping around in a “batmobile.” Tens of thousands of Bay-area residents came to cheer him on, and his story became the feel-good event of the year.

As it turns out, city officials say that most of the six figures needed to fund the fantasy came from public coffers, money that the charity has been working to repay. But now, taking random acts of kindness to a whole new level, philanthropists John and Marcia Goldman have stepped up to the plate and are picking up the tab.

"When we read in your column how the Make-A-Wish Foundation was trying to raise the money to pay back the city for the setup and public safety costs surrounding the event, we thought, 'Wait a minute — they shouldn't have to pay for such a good deed and such an amazing event,'" John Goldman told SF Gate.

"We've supported Make-A-Wish for some time," Goldman added. "What a great way to celebrate something really amazing. It brought out the best in the city and showed it to the world."

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