Is there such a thing as "clean coal"?


Should I really stop buying bottled water altogether?


Is my Hummer really killing the planet?


Paper or plastic?


Do “Green” sex toys exist?

Oh, God! Yes! Yes! (But the greenest sex device is birth control.)

Will I be contributing to global warming by having another child?

Yes, especially if you live in the U.S.

Is it true that Exxon never paid the fines they owe for the Valdez oil spill?

Yes. (Shame on them.)

Cap-and-trade or carbon tax?

Carbon tax.

Disposable or cloth?

Cloth, and washed in a fully loaded machine and cold water.

Where can I find:

• Local foods? Local Harvest, ATTRA, and Food Routes.

• Recycling resources? Earth911E-cycling Central, and  MyGreenElectronics

Could we really power the U.S. entirely with solar energy? With wind?

Yes and yes.


Quick and fast FAQs
Some things are simple ... like these basic environmental questions.