The unemployment rate is slowly falling, but there are still millions of workers looking for work. With competition for existing jobs high, you need to make sure that you are at your best during your job interview. An ideal interview candidate not only answers questions properly but also knows what type of questions to ask his potential employer. These 10 questions, which were actually asked during interviews, are definitely on the “do not ask” list.

1. "Do you want to take a ride in my new car?"

I love new cars as much as the next gal, but there is no chance that I’d ever consider this a valid question during a job interview.

2. "Is the boss single?"

Seriously? I don’t even think my teenaged nephew would consider this an appropriate question.

3. "Do you allow midday naps?"

Midday naps have been shown to boost workplace productivity and while I think they are a great idea, I don’t think I’d ask about this workplace perk during an interview.

4. "Can you help me with the employment test?"

I can appreciate the honesty that this individual had about not knowing the material, but this is definitely not a good way to build confidence.

5. "Could I get a pay advance?"

I get it, times are tough, especially if you’ve been out of work for a while. This may be a question better asked after you’ve actually been hired, though.

6. "Can I set my own hours?"

Are you self-employed? If not, you shouldn’t ever expect that the answer to this question is going to be yes, especially during an interview.

7. "What job is this for?"

The last thing you should do before stepping into the interview room is to remind yourself which position you’re interviewing for today.

8. "Do you have a job for my partner?"

While I appreciate people looking out for one another, this question should be reserved until after you get hired.

9. "Do I have to be at work every day?"

Why yes, you do have to be at work every day.  

10. "How do you think I did on the interview?"

This is a tough one because I know that instant feedback is always appreciated, but asking this question during an interview is really taboo.  

Did some of these questions surprise you? I knowI was surprised as I read through this list, which was compiled by OfficeTeam, an administrative staffing company.  

Now that you know what not to ask, we’ll discuss the type of questions you should ask. "Job seekers can set themselves apart by asking intelligent questions about the company and the position," said Robert Hosking, executive director of OfficeTeam. "Before interviews, candidates should thoroughly research the employer and come up with questions that show interest in and knowledge of the organization."  Source: OfficeTeam

Definitely do your research before your interview. This will not only help you avoid number eight above but it will also let the interview team know that you are taking this opportunity seriously.  

10 questions not to ask during a job interview
In a tight job market, your interview can make or break you. Asking one of these 10 questions will land you on the 'not hired' list.