As a follow-up to the Recovery Through Retrofit report, Vice President Joe Biden recently announced that 25 communities would receive up to $452 million in Recovery Act dollars as part of the new Retrofit Ramp-up program. Retrofitting both residential and commercial buildings will help provide good green jobs to out-of-work Americans while improving the energy efficiency of these buildings. More energy-efficient buildings lowers the nation’s overall carbon footprint while at the same time reducing energy bills.

The projects that have received Retrofit Ramp-up funding vary in location and nature. The city of Indianapolis, Ind., has received $10 million. These funds will help launch energy efficiency pilot projects in two urban areas. The retrofits will be made to commercial, residential and industrial buildings but also to schools in the area. Overall, 470 square blocks in the city center will be turned into a more sustainable community.

In Nebraska, the cities of Omaha and Lincoln will benefit from a $10 million grant. In addition to focusing on energy-efficient building retrofits, the funds will also help grow workforce development programs to train city residents for good green jobs.

These are just two of the 25 projects that have received funds from the first round of Retrofit Ramp-up program. Overall, the nearly $452 million investment is expected to create about 30,000 jobs over the next three years while saving Americans nearly $100 million in energy costs each year.

For more information on the specific projects that have been awarded funding, download the Retrofit Ramp-up Selected Projects list (PDF).

Photo: mikecogh/Flickr

25 communities receive Retrofit Ramp-up Awards
Last week, Vice President Joe Biden announced that 25 communities would receive Retrofit Ramp-up awards to help improve energy efficiency in both residential an