What better day than today, the summer solstice, to write a post about the solar energy industry. Applied Materials is celebrating the solstice with the release of its annual solar energy survey, which examines consumer awareness about the solar industry in the United States, China, India and Japan.


One of the questions asked in the survey was “How do you think the growth of the solar market will impact the job market?” Overall, 46 percent of respondents felt that growth in the solar market would have a positive impact on the broader job market through job creation.


American consumers responded the most favorably to this question with 58 percent of survey participants feeling that solar market growth would create jobs in the United States. Surprisingly, 20 percent of respondents felt that solar market growth would actually reduce jobs. The remaining participants felt that the solar market wouldn’t have any impact on the job market as a whole.


Another interesting result was the question of which country leads the way in solar panel installations. Most respondents felt that their country was the worldwide leader in solar arrays. However, according to Solarbuzz, Germany actually tops the list of cumulative solar installations.


Respondents in Japan guessed Germany more than respondents in other countries, though. When asked which country had the most solar panel installations, 42 percent of Japanese participants answered Japan but 35 percent answered this question correctly by stating that Germany was number one in the world.


The Applied Materials annual solar energy survey also addressed questions about solar costs and grid parity. These findings and more can be found by visiting the Applied Materials Summer solstice celebration page or following along on Twitter with #solsticeapplied.


58% of Americans are optimistic about solar job market
Applied Materials examines consumer awareness about the solar industry.