Today marks the start of Telework Week 2013.  This year marks the third anniversary of the event, which is designed to encourage organizations, government agencies and businesses to commit to telecommuting for part or all of this week and then find ways to incorporate telecommuting into the business model going forward.  In honor of Telework Week 2013, I’ve collected eight of the best telecommuting articles from MNN’s archives.

1. Telecommuting: How to save the world in your pajamas

Margaret Southern takes you through the telecommuting process from convincing your boss to creating your home office and more.

2. Top 10 telecommuting pitfalls to avoid

What do you do if you’ve started telecommuting and your spouse thinks you’re now a stay-at-home wife and slacks off on his household duties?  Stephanie Rogers has the solution to this problem and nine other telecommuting pitfalls.

3. 5 telecommuting challenges and how I solved them

Find out how I stay focused while telecommuting.  Here’s a little hint: I hold office hours, even though I never meet face-to-face with clients.

4. Telecommuting, the ultimate green job?

Telecommuters may not work in the renewable energy field but are they part of the green jobs revolution?  Telecommuting may actually be the ultimate green job, regardless of the remote worker’s industry.

5. How to stay motivated while working from home

After working from home for a few years, you may find yourself in a struggle to stay motivated.  These five tips from Amy Evans will help you give your telecommuting routine a jump start.

6. Telecommuters aren’t isolated and unproductive

If you think telecommuters are isolated and unproductive, think again.  Research shows that office-place distractions cause more productivity concerns than working remotely.

7. Teleworking isn’t just for freelancers

I’m a freelancer and I telecommute but my husband is a salaried employee and he also telecommutes.  The Mobile Work Exchange website features several corporate telecommuting case studies, a great tool to use if you are trying to convince your boss to implement a work-from-home policy at your office.

8. What would you give up to work from home?

Telecommuting is an attractive work option, so attractive that 34 percent of people surveyed would give up social media in order to telecommute.  Find out what else people would be willing to give up in order to work from home.

8 must-read telecommuting articles
In honor of Telework Week 2013 I’ve collected 8 of the best telecommuting articles from MNN's archives.