If you work in a cubicle farm or any office with partitions, you know how hard it can be to personalize your space and make it your own. Some people add personal items like family photos or plants, but other offices up the ante with cubicle-decorating competitions that challenge workers to make their spaces truly festive.

These workers combined creativity with Christmas spirit, taking their holiday decorations to the next level. These cubicle-dwellers really know how to deck the halls!

1. The worker who likes to keep things warm and cozy:

Christmas cubicle decorations - fireplaceThis cubicle dweller found a way to make her office space festive and cozy — and no need to get the fire marshal involved. (Photo: iridescentspark/Instagram)

2. This team turned their office into a winter wonderland:

Christmas cubicle decorations - winter wonderlandWhat if every day at work felt like you were walking in a winter wonderland? (Photo: carolinas.aaa.com/Pinterest)

3. This cubicle dweller turned her workspace into Santa's workshop:

Christmas cubicle decorations - Santa's workshopWant to feel productive and festive? Create a vibe the elves would love. (Photo: tammyrosseter/Instagram)

4. The Peanuts fan:

Christmas cubicle decorations - Charlie BrownNobody will think you're a blockhead for choosing this 'Charlie Brown Christmas' cubicle theme. (Photo: Catherine Lewis/Pinterest)

5. The Dr. Seuss fan:

Christmas cubicle decorations - cindy lou whoEven the Grinch won't be able to resist this cute Christmas cubicle. (Photo: Mosby Building Arts/Pinterest)

6. The cubicle-dweller who loves things all a-glow:

Christmas cubicle decorations - LightsTwinkling holiday lights make a dramatic holiday statement in this office cubicle. (Photo: New York Interior Ideas/Pinterest)

7. The employee who likes her sweet treats:

Christmas cubicle decorations - Gingerbread HouseLife is sweet for anyone working in this gingerbread house cubicle. (Photo: xo.ruby_/Instagram)

8. This magic train-loving office team

Christmas cubicle decorations - Polar ExpressKudos to the team that pulled off an office cubicle Polar Express. (Photo: leanfitone/Instagram)

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These cubicle-dwellers aren't afraid to show how much they like the season.