The Green Jobs Act of 2007 provides funding for training workers in a green collar job. The act, which was funded in this year’s Recovery Act, is likely the starting point for green jobs training. Today’s youth will begin to receive this training as they proceed through high school, and if Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon gets his wish, a new charter school and community college campus in the city will focus on green jobs training.

The combined facility would be known as the Green Phoenix Learning Campus and would be built on a Rio Salado Community College site in downtown Phoenix.

An article that appeared on provides more details about the project:

“The school, which could open by fall 2010 if funding is available, would offer curriculum focused on green architecture and construction, renewable energy, alternative fuels and environmental sciences.”

Rio Salado Community College has $4 million to contribute towards the project but federal stimulus dollars will be needed to complete school facilities. The project would help Mayor Gordon achieve his goals for a “Green Phoenix.”

“Green Phoenix will mean the creation of thousands of jobs in green industries, ranging from home weatherization to solar panel research and manufacturing. Phoenix residents will experience lower utility bills, better air quality, a greener environment, and a smaller carbon footprint for the region.” Source: City of Phoenix

The high school and community college campus will help the city in meeting these goals. Although I don’t live within the city of Phoenix, I live in the metropolitan area. I would love to see better air quality and if this school helps in achieving that goal, I am all for it!

For more information on teens and green jobs, read Jenn Savedge’s post: Tips for teens: Landing that green collar job.

A green jobs charter high school
Phoenix may soon get funding for a combined charter school and community college campus that focuses on green jobs training.