As I was browsing the website, I came across the Green Energy Career Guide. This ties in perfectly with yesterday’s post on tips and tricks for landing a green job from renewable energy expert Peter Beadle. The Beadle interview and the Green Energy Career Guide are must-reads if you are interested in pursuing a career in the renewable energy sector.

The guide has an overview of green energy and then several sections on the various green energy industries. Primers on micro renewables, wave energy, marine energy, and tidal energy, as well as the more commonly known wind and solar energy guides, are just a few of the resources available.

The guide also has information on climate change, energy finance, carbon management, green policy, and much more. Browse the online Green Energy Career Guide to learn more about landing a career in the renewable energy sector.

A primer for green energy job seekers
The Green Energy Career Guide is a must-read for anyone seeking to start or advance a career in the renewable energy sector.