In two recent articles, I provided information about the many tax incentives available to consumers and businesses. One of these comes in the form of tax credits for high efficiency heating and cooling upgrades. The Acadia, a new heat pump from Hallowell International, is one of these tax incentive eligible products.

The Acadia is a high efficiency heat pump but unlike most traditional heat pumps, the Acadia actually works in cold climates with temperatures as low as 30 degrees below zero. The Acadia’s patented design is so innovative that it made the Sustainable Industries top 10 green building products of 2009 list.

While the Acadia won’t be the ideal solution for large commercial buildings, consumers as well as small businesses can take advantage of the $1,500 federal tax credit by purchasing an Acadia. In addition to the $1,500 federal tax credit, you may be eligible for an additional state tax credit after installing your Acadia. Be sure to visit the DSIRE database to check for local incentives.

Aside from the financial savings of installing a high efficiency heating and cooling system, the Acadia also provides additional benefits:

  • Single system – there is no need for separate heating and cooling systems
  • Patented compressor system allows the Acadia to work in extremely cold climates
  • Efficiency – the Acadia’s 300% efficiency can save you money sooner than other systems
  • The Acadia is an ENERGY STAR product
  • The Acadia is made in America
The United States Air Force Base at McGuire/Ft. Dix is in the midst of a massive project using the Acadia. Approximately 2,000 units are being installed into their new base housing units. The New Jersey winters can get cold and although a traditional heat pump would not be able to meet unit’s energy needs, the Acadia will provide the on-base residents with year-round and efficient heating and cooling.

While the Air Force is using the Acadia in a traditional way, another Acadia customer is using the product in a more environmentally friendly way. Ed is using the solar panels on his house to provide power to the highly efficient Acadia unit. Ed is passionate about the need for Americans to get away from fossil fuel and look to clean energy sources to power our homes and businesses. Ed took this passion and created a video. The video, which was originally submitted to Planet Forward, is now available on YouTube.

Acadia: High efficiency heating and cooling
The Acadia high efficiency heat pump works in temperatures as cold as 30 below zero and is eligible for a $1,500 tax credit.