A stretch of beachfront property that was used for sand mining until 1986 will be the home of the Monterey Bay Shores Ecoresort.  Developer Security National Guaranty is working on this project with a goal of achieving LEED Platinum certification.  The project is expected to create an additional 500 permanent green jobs, adding to California’s existing green jobs boom.

In reading over the planned features, the scope of this project is massive and the goals are lofty.  The property will have 5 acres of living roofs, onsite geothermal, wind and solar energy systems to meet at least 30 percent of the site’s needs, a 50 percent reduction in the property’s carbon footprint and a goal of zero stormwater runoff. 

No timelines are mentioned on the Monterey Bay Shores Ecoresort website, but if the project comes to fruition, it will be one of the most unique resorts in the world. 

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Photo by jimg944

An ecoresort is planned for Monterey
The Monterey Bay Shores Ecoresort will add green jobs in California.