When Van Jones ascended to the position of Special Advisor for Green Jobs, very few people were surprised.  Jones has been a champion of the green jobs movement for years as the founder of Green For All.  An article that appeared yesterday on Slate’s TheBigMoney.com takes an in-depth look at Jones and his journey over the past few years.

Chadwick Matlin looks back to 2004 when Jones called President Obama a “hero”, has a list of several different “Vanisms”, and links to a variety of articles about Jones.  By the end of the article, readers are left feeling that they know Jones on a personal level.  Matlin is able to capture Jones’ personality and he translates it to print very well.

To read the entire interview, head over to TheBigMoney.com – Van Jones:  The Face of Green Jobs.

Photo by greenforall.org

An in-depth look at Van Jones
Despite his new position in Washington, Jones is still a community organizer.