Patrick Gavin’s interview with green jobs guru Van Jones gives the reader a more personal look at what is going on in Jones’ mind. Van Jones was a green jobs advocate before his appointment as the official White House advisor on green jobs and he remains one today, despite the awkward media firestorm around his departure from the official position.

In his interview for Politico, Gavin asks Jones what would be his one decision should he become President of the United States and the green jobs guru shows us his funny side: “Appoint a green jobs czar! Preferably someone with a colorful past from Oakland, Calif. Hey, what could possibly go wrong?” Knowing the brouhaha that surrounded the use of the word czar and his appointment in general, seeing this response made me chuckle. However, Jones’ initial response was in jest.

“Seriously, I would enforce EPA rules against planet-baking carbon pollution to the max. If I had a second decision, I would bring our troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan. We could use that $3 billion a week to fix America. And we need those young men and women to help with the nation-building here.”

Gavin’s interview also tackles a variety of other topics including jokes, the use of profanity and sleep habits. Of course, more meaty topics, like pet peeves and Googling yourself are covered as well.

I’ve read a lot of Van Jones interviews over the years and I have to say thank you to Patrick Gavin for one of the most insightful and personal interviews yet. Check it out for yourself: Answer This: Van Jones.

An insightful interview with Van Jones
Green jobs guru Van Jones shares his sleep habits, his favorite joke and what he would do if he were President in this Politico interview.