Downsizing a too-large house is good for the environment. In the case of the Salwen family's downsizing, it was also good for hunger relief projects in Africa. The four-person family downsized their 6,500 square-foot Atlanta house to a 3,000 square-foot house and donated half of the proceeds from the sale, a reported $800,000, to charity. Okay, so the 3,000 square-foot house is still large, especially for a family of four, but the fact is this family considerably downsized. They’ve likely made a big reduction to their carbon footprint and helped African communities dealing with hunger.

Although the family began this process a few years ago, they are back in the media again thanks to a new book, The Power of Half, which is available on Feb. 10. The book highlights the family’s journey to do something and make a change thanks to then 14-year-old daughter Hannah.

Obviously not everyone is in a position to give such a generous amount of money to charity, but the message is that everyone can do something. If you have a family, get your children involved in the process.

via [NRDC]

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Atlanta family downsizes and donates to charity
The Salwen family downsized their Atlanta house and donated half of the proceeds from the sale to hunger relief projects in Africa.