Attention Atlanta homeowners, if you are interested in weatherizing your home, a pilot project in the city has been extended through March. The Sustainable Home Initiative in the New Economy (SHINE) pilot program helps qualified homeowners complete weatherization upgrades on their home, ultimately saving each homeowner money on their annual energy bills.

Eligible homeowners can receive up to $3,500 in rebates towards several energy efficiency upgrades including duct and air sealing, insulation projects, weather stripping and door and window replacement. According to SHINE, some homeowners may also qualify for a $500 federal income tax credit and up to $2,200 in rebates from Georgia Power.

In order to qualify for the SHINE program, the house must be within the city of Atlanta and may only be a single-family home. However, the property does not need to be owner occupied so rental units may be eligible. The prospective property will need to undergo an energy efficiency assessment by a professional from the Georgia Power Home Energy Improvement Program and be performed by a SHINE qualified contractor. Once all work has been completed, eligible homeowners will receive their weatherization rebate.

For more information about the project, contact SHINE Atlanta at (404) 588-5982.

Atlanta's SHINE program extended through March
The Sustainable Home Initiative in the New Economy pilot program for Atlanta homeowners has been extended through March.