The staff over at, a green job search engine, recently conducted a survey of states with the most green jobs currently available. This wasn’t a historical look at green job growth in the states nor was it a future projection. Instead, the staff combed the Web to find green job listings and then ultimately decide which state has the most green jobs prospects. After completing the research, has declared California to be the state with the most available green jobs.

The search included about 20 job search websites and ultimately more than 7,500 open green jobs positions were found in California. Defining green jobs is always a bit of a challenge, so includes the definition that its managers used when determining green job availability.

“While there are definitely shades of green jobs, the basic definition is this: any job that creates, supports, maintains or regulates recycling, energy efficiency or renewable energy products and services. This could be a wind turbine technician or an accountant who works at the wind farm. Both jobs are considered green.” Source:

The rest of the top five states for green jobs are Washington, D.C.; New York; Texas; and Colorado. About a year ago, I wrote about the booming clean energy economy in Colorado, which makes that state a great place for green job seekers. The results from the search show that the state is still an ideal destination for those who want to start a career in the clean energy industry.

Attention green job seekers: Move to California
If you’re looking for a green job, California may be your best bet.