Much of the banking news over the past several months has been downright depressing.  Today, Bank of America has some good news to share; California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has awarded the company the 2008 Governor’s Environmental and Economic Leadership Award (GEELA). 

“GEELA is California's highest and most prestigious environmental honor. The award recognizes individuals, organizations and businesses that have demonstrated exceptional leadership for voluntary achievements in conserving California's resources, protecting and enhancing the environment, and building public-private partnerships.”  Source:  Bank of America

Bank of America has collaborated with Chevron Energy Solutions to create solar projects in the San Jose and Milpitas Unified School Districts and provided financing so that a waste disposal company could upgrade its fleet of trucks to compressed natural gas (CNG).  The company also upgraded its lighting systems in several hundred locations statewide to the more energy efficient fluorescent lights. 

Lucky California-based B of A employees are even eligible for a $3,000 reimbursement if they purchase a new hybrid vehicle.  These four examples are just a few of the many reasons given for Bank of America’s selection as the recipient of the 2008 GEELA.

Just yesterday, I discussed AT&T’s desire to work with the EPA to bolster economic growth while keeping the environment in mind.  Bank of America is practicing what AT&T is preaching.

B of A receives GEELA recognition
Bank of America awarded prestigious environmental award by the State of California.