Last year, Kim Severson of the New York Times declared farming to be a popular summer internship opportunity. As the nation’s focus on green jobs has continued, it is likely that sustainable farming internships are going to be in big demand again this year. Although it is only April, summer is quickly approaching, and if you’re interested in obtaining a summer internship with a sustainable farm operation, now is the time to begin your search.

A good place to start your internship search is the National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service. Farms across the nation have already begun to update the database with their internship and apprenticeship openings. Here are just a few of the internship opportunities available for summer 2010.

  • One Woman Farm, Inc in Gibsonia, Pa., has one internship position available. The start date for the internship is June 1, and the intern will have the opportunity to work on field prep and maintenance, tractor repair and operation, and greenhouse management. Housing is not included in this internship opportunity, so a person who lives in the greater Pittsburgh area might be a better fit.
  • Green Gate Farms is an urban farm eight miles from downtown Austin, Texas. The farm is searching for two individuals to take advantage of a longer internship. The positions open up this month and run through December 2010. Green Gate Farms raises vegetables, flowers and meat and delivers its products through a local CSA, local chefs, co-ops, charities, WIC recipients, and other avenues. In addition to getting some hands-on experience in urban farming, interns will have some meals provided but will have open access to all the fresh vegetables they can eat.
  • If you’re a cheese lover then an internship at Capra Collina Ranch in Trinidad, Colo., may be your dream job. The ranch is seeking a single intern to learn how to make traditional hand-made cheese. The minimum stay is one month, but if you’re interested in learning how to herd goats and sheep in an unfenced mountain range, you will be required to stay a minimum of three months.
These are just three examples of the many sustainable farming internship opportunities available for 2010. As the nation continues to embrace the importance of green business practices, including green and organic farming, those with experience in sustainable farming are going to be in demand.
Begin your sustainable farming internship search now
If you're interested in obtaining a summer internship at a sustainable farm, now is the time to get started.