You don’t have to buy a Nissan Leaf to have an emissions-free ride to work. Instead of shelling out in excess of $20,000 for a fancy new electric vehicle, spend a few hundred and buy a bike. Cycling, in general, is getting popular in some of the nation’s largest cities and this trend is spilling over into the daily commute.

The topic was covered in a segment on Monday’s Morning Edition on NPR. According to the story, cycling has tripled over the past two decades in some of the nation’s largest cities including Chicago, Minneapolis, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. This surge in cycling has also increased the amount of two-wheeled commuters in these cities.

Biking to work provides health benefits to you and the environment, but it is also a great way to network with coworkers. The NPR story points out a lunchtime bike ride tradition at National Geographic spearheaded by John Fahey, the company’s CEO. What better way to cozy up to the boss than to head out for a noontime bike ride?

“Fahey, an avid biker, says he's just trying to encourage a little exercise — and he wants the opportunity to get to know folks informally. As the group makes the 15-mile trek to Hains Point along the Potomac River and back, Fahey makes a point of chatting with everyone, staffers say.” Source: NPR

Biking to work is good for your health, a better choice for the environment and it might help you get in good with the boss. There’s yet another benefit of biking to work — saving money. Obviously you save money on gas as you aren’t driving your car to and from work every day but you also reduce the maintenance fees on your car. Your oil won’t need to be changed as frequently and you won’t have to get your tires rotated as often. Die-hard cyclists can save even more money by going car-free.

Biking to work can also be beneficial to your company, especially if they are jumping on the green building bandwagon. The U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED rating systems provides a point to projects that provide bicycle storage and changing rooms for company employees.

There are a bevy of benefits of biking to work. If you use pedal power to get to your workplace, what benefits would you add to this list?

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