Yesterday the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics published the findings from an analysis of the 2010 job market, specifically employment in the production of green goods and services (GGS). According to the report, 3.1 million jobs in the United States in 2010 were officially considered green jobs, with the vast majority of these jobs, 2,268,800, falling into the private sector category.


Private sector employment was broken down into several different industries. The top five industries for green goods and services jobs in 2010 follow:


  • Manufacturing – 461,847 jobs
  • Construction – 372,077 jobs
  • Professional, scientific and technical services – 349,024 jobs
  • Administrative and waste services – 319,915 jobs
  • Transportation and warehousing – 245,057 jobs

Public sector GGS employment was 860,300 jobs in 2010, or 4.0 percent. Local government positions topped 476,500 jobs with transportation and warehousing making up 228,900 of these jobs.


In addition to examining green jobs by industry, the report also identifies the states that had the most green jobs. It should come as no surprise that California topped the list, by raw number count, with 338,400 GGS positions in 2010. This was 2.3 percent of the California job market at the time. When researchers looked at percentages instead of raw numbers, Vermont came out on top with 4.4 percent of the workforce employed in a GGS position.


Download the full report, which includes detailed data by sector and state: Employment in Green Goods and Services – 2010 (PDF).

BLS reports 3.1 million green jobs in 2010
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