Tell me there isn’t something slightly ironic about National Boss Day falling on a Saturday. This year you can honor your favorite boss on a day that most 8 to 5 American workers won’t be heading into the office. However, in the Internet age, it is easy to recognize your boss despite the weekend “holiday” – simply send her an e-greeting telling her how much you appreciate her.

If you’d rather get a jump on the day and celebrate with your co-workers around, recognize your boss on Friday, a bit in advance of the official holiday. Here are a few eco-friendly gift ideas for Bosses Day 2010:

At a time when millions of Americans are unemployed, those of you who have a boss to recognize should count yourselves among the lucky. If you have a great boss, then you’re even luckier. Even if you aren’t in a position to buy a gift for the head honcho in your office, take a few minutes to say thank you to your manager on National Boss Day.
Bosses Day 2010: 5 eco-friendly gift ideas
Honor your favorite boss on this holiday, which falls on Saturday, Oct. 16, 2010.