In January 2010, a massive earthquake devastated Port au Prince, capital of Haiti. Immediately following the earthquake, the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and others began to determine how to use green building techniques in rebuilding the nation. One of the ways that those in the green building community are giving back is through the design and construction of a LEED certified orphanage in Del Mas, Rue Fernand du Baudiere, Port au Prince. The orphanage will be built on the site of an orphanage that was demolished during the January earthquake.

The USGBC is partnering with Lend Lease and the Fondation Enfant Jesus, the nonprofit organization that operated the original orphanage, to help raise funds for the new building. If you’re celebrating the giving spirit this season, consider donating to the Haiti Orphanage and Children’s Center fund.

What is nice about this project is that 100 percent of the funds donated will be used for design and construction expenses. If more money is raised than is needed, the additional funds will either be used to cover operating costs of the building or to design and construction an additional orphanage in Haiti. In other words, all of the money you donate will go to the project and not overhead costs.

Photo: EDV Media Director/Flickr

Building a LEED orphanage in Haiti
The U.S. Green Building Council is accepting donations to help build a LEED certified orphanage in Port au Prince, Haiti.