SunTrust Bank Private Wealth Management conducted a survey of 200 business owners to assess their green donating and investing goals for the coming year.  Although the United States economy is floundering, an overwhelming majority (69%) of the businesses surveyed will continue their focus on providing financial donations to environmental causes as well as investing in environmental funds.

"The survey shows that business owners recognize that environmental stewardship can have genuine bottom-line results," says Dave Johnston, Senior Vice President, SunTrust Private Wealth Management. "Through our Business Owner Specialty Group, we see that business owners want to give back to the community while also supporting strategic, 'green' investing."  Source: PR Newswire

The businesses surveyed all have at least $10 million in annual revenue and the majority of these businesses will only donate to well researched and established green organizations.  This is not great news for environmental startups but it is promising to hear of continued support for these organizations by businesses despite a bleak economic forecast for the coming year.

Businesses maintain green giving goals
Donations to environmental organizations from many businesses to remain consistent in 2009.