On Monday, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger announced the new California Green Corps in a press conference held at American River College in Sacramento.  The program will be part of CaliforniaVolunteers and is designed to train at risk individuals, aged 16-24, for a new, green job. 

“Investing at least $10 million in federal economic stimulus funding from the U.S. Department of Labor and an additional $10 million from public-private partnerships, the initial phase of the California Green Corps will consist of a 20-month pilot program reaching at least 1,000 of California’s at-risk young adults. The program will consist of a minimum of 10 regional Green Corps throughout the state - with at least one regional Green Corps located in each of California’s nine economic regions. All programs will be public-private partnerships that include green job training, a stipend, an educational requirement and community service.” Source: California Office of the Governor

For more information on the program, watch the entire press conference above (don’t forget parts two and three listed below) or visit the CaliforniaVolunteers website.  Alternately, the entire press conference can be viewed from the State of California’s website (streaming video).

California’s green jobs training program
The California Green Corps will train at-risk youth for a new, green job.