The Bank of New York Mellon and Point Carbon have published a report on the future of the carbon trading market.  The carbon trading market is emerging as one of the largest worldwide trading markets with an estimated $1 trillion market by 2020 in the United States alone.  Source: EurekAlert!

The report published last week "finds that for a global carbon trading market to allocate capital to the lowest cost carbon reduction projects worldwide it must be based on standardization, liquidity, transparency and predictability."  Source: BNY Mellon

The problem with creating an effective carbon trading market lays partly in the definition of emissions reductions.  Since this is a worldwide market, companies and financial institutions may find themselves with a different definition from each country that they work with. 

The entire 28-page report is available on the BNY Mellon Website.  

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Carbon trading market report published
BNY and Point Carbon release paper on carbon trading.